Renewing the Upgrade, Maintenance, and Support Program

If your Maintenance and Support Plan is already active then you can simply download the new version and apply your new license, which was emailed to you, to get started. Please refer to our Getting Started article for additional information.

When you’re active in this program, you have the following benefits:

  • Predictable expenses: We’ve heard from many companies that it’s difficult to upgrade SketchUp Pro after a release because they couldn’t budget for the upgrade cost. Now, with predictable spending on this program, companies can get the best of what SketchUp has to offer when a new version becomes available. NOTE: The M&S program was discontinued on November 4, 2020.
  • The most current SketchUp Pro features: When you stay enrolled in the upgrade, maintenance, and support program, you have access to all the power-packed improvements that come with each new version of SketchUp Pro — as soon as the new version is available.
  • Phone support: In addition to the Knowledge Center, Help Forum, and email support, the program gives you access to phone support. If you’re encountering an issue installing or authorizing SketchUp Pro (or any other issue with SketchUp Pro), let us know and we’ll be happy to help out. Please refer to your email with the upgrade, maintenance, and support information for contact details.

In the event that you need to "downgrade" your SketchUp Pro license to an older version (perhaps for hardware reasons), you will need to remain current with Maintenance and Support in order to upgrade backup to latest version.