Understanding Your Classic License

This article is referring to the SketchUp Classic License and will not apply to Subscriptions. For more information about the Subscriptions visit our Understanding Subscriptions article.

To use SketchUp Pro and all the extras that come with it (including LayOut and Style Builder), you need a SketchUp Pro software license.

SketchUp offers licenses for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits. Buying or Upgrading a License explains the types of licenses available (including the free 30-day software trial) and how to buy or upgrade a license.

Beginning with SketchUp 2015, SketchUp Pro moved to cloud-based licensing, which gives users more flexibility. For example, you can do the following:

  • Authorize a license on up to two computers. The license works on either the Windows or Mac operating system. If you have a Windows and a Mac computer, you can use the same license to run SketchUp Pro on each computer. If you need to locate your license information in order to transfer SketchUp Pro to a new computer, Finding Your License Information can help.
  • Check a license in and out. If your business or organization has a network license, you can check out a license for offline use. This feature is helpful if you’re planning to use a SketchUp Pro network license on a plane or anywhere else you may not have an active Internet connection.

Tip: If you can’t access your copy of SketchUp Pro, check what type of license you have and whether the license needs to be authorized or you need an Internet connection for SketchUp Pro to work. Buying or Upgrading a License explains license types and how they work.

Network administrators can find help about accessing ports and other details in Administering a Network License.