Understanding the Subscription Options

SketchUp now offers SketchUp Subscriptions based on the needs and budgets of our customers. You can read about each option below.

If you pay for a SketchUp Pro subscription, your subscription is active for the term listed on your invoice. In most cases subscriptions are for one year.

For more specific information about administering a subscription or for handling members and seats, be sure to visit our Help Center article about the Trimble Account Management Portal.
  • Free - The free, basic SketchUp modeler (SketchUp Free for Web) running in a web browser for personal or hobbyist use. This subscription includes
    • Trimble Connect Personal subscription
    • SketchUp Viewer applications on iOS and Android
    • Basic importers (.PNG and .JPG) and exporters (.PNG and .STL)
    • Note that SketchUp Free is not for commercial use.
  • Shop - A premium online modeler (SketchUp for Web) with:
    • Trimble Connect for Business subscription
    • Augmented reality viewing on SketchUp Viewer for iOS and Android
    • Advanced importers (.3DS, .DAE, .DEM, 2D and 3D .DWG/DXF, .KMZ and .STL)
    • Advanced exporters (.3DS, 2D and 3D .DWG/DXF, .FBX, .KMZ, .OBJ, .VRML, .XSI and COLLADA)
    • Editable Styles and Materials
  • Pro - The Pro subscription includes the premium online modeler offered in SketchUp Shop (SketchUp for Web) as well as:
    • Trimble Connect for Business subscription
    • Desktop applications previously only included with a Classic SketchUp Pro license: SketchUp Pro for Desktop, LayOut, and Style Builder
    • Augmented reality viewing on SketchUp Viewer for iOS and Android
    • Viewing on the following Mixed Reality (XR) applications: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Hololens, and HP Windows Mixed Reality
    Unlike the Free and Shop subscriptions, the Pro subscription includes SketchUp Pro for Desktop, which can run third-party extensions. This subscription also offers more robust customer support and will enable users to access premium content on SketchUp’s Learning Management System.
  • Studio - The Studio subscription includes everything in the Pro package as well as:
    • Our building performance analysis software, Sefaira.
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