SketchUp Classic License

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Can I still purchase a Classic Perpetual license from SketchUp?

No, Classic Perpetual Licenses are no longer offered through SketchUp.

Can I upgrade my Classic Perpetual license to the newest release with a Maintenance & Support upgrade?

No, you can no longer upgrade a Classic Perpetual license.

Will my classic perpetual license stop working after November 4, 2020?

Your classic license will continue to work after this date. You will continue to own and have full usage of the license. Keep in mind that license plans expiring after November 4, 2020 cannot be renewed or extended but you can switch to a subscription at any time.

(We recommend saving the installer file for your version on media other than your computer).

Can I continue to use and renew my Maintenance & Support plan for my existing classic perpetual license?

You will have access to your M&S plan benefits, including Support, for the full duration of your M&S plan, even if those plans extend past November 4, 2020, but license plans expiring after November 4, 2020 cannot be renewed or extended.

How can I purchase new SketchUp licenses now?

The SketchUp you know and love will be available via subscription.

Is the shift to a subscription-only model a global change?

Yes, this change will be reflected across all the regions where SketchUp is sold.


Why did SketchUp decide to switch to subscriptions?

Committing 100% to the subscription business model represents an important shift in the way we do business. It allows us to continue supporting, improving and making SketchUp better - and release improvements more often. We've been offering subscriptions for over a year, and it has enabled us to release new features faster so the suite of SketchUp products improves its vitality every day.

SketchUp has always been generous with our products. We still are. With a subscription model, we can provide a lower upfront cost option which includes SketchUp Pro, one of the most affordable professional modelers on the market. We can also offer our core modeling features on the web for free with the option of upgrading to a more robust version for only $119/year.

What is a subscription?

SketchUp subscriptions contain the SketchUp products you know and love, and more. The features, products and services in your selected subscription are delivered to you via the cloud and can be accessed using log-in details that are unique to you.

Why should I switch to a subscription?

A switch to subscriptions offers much more of our product portfolio to you, and challenges our product teams to make SketchUp better - more quickly.

With a subscription, you'll:

  • Always be up to date with the latest features;
  • Receive more frequent updates and improvements;
  • Get more value from all the features, products, and services in the subscription than from a Classic license;
    • Quick and easy user and device management: No more keeping track of new serial numbers for each year, or trying to figure out which computer is using which license!
    • Robust self-management: Being able to control your SketchUp sign-ins remotely means you no longer need to contact SketchUp Support for help clearing lost activations.
    • Access to Pro Technical Support
    • Auto-renew: Never have to worry about renewing or setting up reminders for when your subscription term ends.
    • Access multiple subscription versions*: Install and use any two versions of SketchUp that supports a subscription license (*2019 and later) at the same time.
    • Collaboration, data management & file storage: Included with your subscription is Trimble Connect's cloud collaboration platform with unlimited file storage
    • View models on the go: SketchUp Viewer app on mobile with additional Augmented Reality capabilities

What subscription options are available to me?

SketchUp has three commercially available subscriptions for professional use. Learn more about their features and pricing on this page.

Does this change affect existing subscriptions?

No. Existing subscriptions are not affected by the change to Classic perpetual licenses.

What is SketchUp doing to help me transition?
  • Promotional opportunities are available to eligible customers. See below...
  • Advanced notice to allow you to prepare for the change, assess, and select a suitable option.
  • The opportunity to purchase a Classic license and a Maintenance and Support plan until November 4, 2020.
  • If you switch to a subscription, Access all products in your subscription via a single platform (Trimble Account) and using a single login. It also means that you'll have a single renewal date for all the products and features.
Are there any promotions available to help me transition from a Classic license to subscriptions?

Yes, promotions are available for customers with eligible Classic perpetual licenses. Contact your local sales representative to find out more. If outside the US or Canada, contact your local reseller.

Can I upgrade my Maintenance & Support for an earlier version (e.g., SketchUp 2019, 2018) anytime before November 4, 2020?

Yes, you can. Please be aware that if your Maintenance & Support plan is more than 30-days expired, you will be subject to reinstatement fees. If your Maintenance & Support plan expired more than three years ago, it can no longer be renewed.

Can I upgrade my Maintenance & Support for an earlier version anytime after November 4, 2020?

No. After that date you will need to purchase one of our subscription options. SketchUp has three commercially available subscriptions for professional use. Learn more about their features and pricing on this page.

Maintenance & Support

What is a Classic Perpetual Maintenance and Support ("M&S") plan?

SketchUp's Maintenance & Support subscription gives you license upgrades for major SketchUp Pro releases when they become available, minor releases which include bug fixes, and access to our Pro technical support resources, all for a year. With the sunsetting of our M&S plans, all of these benefits will be available as part of our subscription offerings.

What happens if I currently have a Classic Perpetual Maintenance and Support plan?

You will continue to get the benefits of your M&S plan through November 3, 2021 or the expiration of your license (whichever comes first). Your license plan will not be eligible for any updates to products that are deployed after November 3, 2021. You also won't be able to access Pro Technical Support and cloud services.

Have questions about your specific situation? Contact sales or your local reseller.

What happens when my Classic Perpetual Maintenance and Support expires?

You can continue to use your Classic perpetual license at the version you have. To receive subsequent product updates and bug fixes, and to access Pro Technical Support, you will need to sign up for a subscription.

Enterprise Customers

How does this change affect customers using SketchUp Enterprise?

This change does not affect SketchUp Enterprise customers.

For more information, please contact your dedicated account manager, or customer success manager.

If you are not an existing customer but you are interested in getting an enterprise agreement, please contact our sales team here.

General Questions

How will this change impact customers without internet connectivity?

SketchUp's entire subscription portfolio (Free, Shop, Pro, Studio) operates in a way that users log in with unique credentials called your Trimble ID (TID) and therefore requires a periodic internet connection.

An Internet connection is required the first time you install and license the products in your subscription. Our desktop applications in SketchUp subscriptions, such as SketchUp Pro, are installed directly on your computer. For SketchUp Pro, once it's installed you don't need an ongoing Internet connection to use it*. Your license will need to be validated once every 28 days after that, and this requires an internet connection. For other products in the subscription, you may need an internet connection to use the product even after it's been installed on your desktop.

*Certain services such as 3D Warehouse and Add Location, which always require an internet connection, will not work.

For customers who must be completely disconnected, please reach out to our sales or support team or a reseller in your region.

Do I need to be online to access my desktop apps?

The desktop applications in SketchUp subscriptions, such as SketchUp Pro, are installed directly on your computer. Once the applications are licensed, you don't need an ongoing internet connection to use them.

An Internet connection is required the first time you install and license the products in your subscription. Your license will need to be validated at least once every 28 days after that, which will require an Internet connection.

In between those sign ins, our desktop applications can be used when offline. Certain services such as 3D Warehouse and Add Location which always require an internet connection, will not work.

For customers who must be completely offline, please reach out to our sales or support team or a reseller in your region.

How do I access the products in a SketchUp subscription?

You can do so via your Trimble Account.

Can I share files with collaborators or clients who don't have a SketchUp subscription?

SketchUp customers can continue to share and exchange files as before. SketchUp Viewer for Desktop and SketchUp Mobile Viewer allow others to view the models you share with them, whether they have access to SketchUp or not. Both are available free but AR capabilities require an active subscription or an in-app purchase on mobile.

With Trimble Connect, you can share individual files with anyone, even external parties who are not Trimble Connect users, simply by generating a link. However, external parties can only view and download shared files.

While Trimble Connect is included with all our subscriptions, the people you share files with can view files with a Personal Free Trimble Connect account but they will need their Trimble Connect Subscription to access certain collaboration features.

Can I use my existing Classic perpetual license and a subscription product on the same computer?

Yes, you can.

Can I order an install CD so I'm able to install my licensed version of SketchUp once it's no longer available to download?

We no longer ship a media install for SketchUp Pro and haven't for a while now. If you’re interested in creating your own SketchUp Pro media (CD, flash drive, etc.), Please feel free to download the install file and burn it to the media of your choice.

To get started, please visit our Help Center article to electronically download SketchUp Pro.

Which licenses will be affected?

Below is a summary of the licenses that will be impacted by the sunset of Classic perpetual licenses and Maintenance & Support renewals.

Affected Commercial LicensesUnaffected Commercial Licenses
Classic single userSubscription commercial products
Classic network licensesDirect-sold enterprise licenses
Maintenance and support renewalsPrivate server network licenses
Classic ATC licenses - TBCSubscription ATC licenses
 Termed Classic licenses (Mainland China only)
Affected Education LicensesUnaffected Education Licenses
Classic student licenses, ending June 1, 2020Subscription-based EDU products
Classic instructor licenses, ending June 1, 2020
Classic non-profit licenses, ending June 1, 2020Classic educational institution laptop licenses
 Educational network lab licenses
What are the system requirements to use products in SketchUp Subscriptions?

SketchUp subscriptions are supported on most modern computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Review our system requirements to make sure your machine and current operating system are supported.

How many devices can I install my SketchUp subscription products on?

You can install products on multiple devices but note that sign-ins are limited to two devices per application.

How or where do I save my work if I switch to a subscription?

You can either save your work to your computer or to the cloud, via Trimble Connect, cloud storage that comes with SketchUp's subscriptions for professional use. By using Trimble Connect, you can leverage features such as file syncing, collaborative modeling, shared asset libraries, and more. Learn more about Trimble Connect cloud storage.

Where can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription via the Trimble Account. Click on the link, enter your Trimble ID (TID) username and password, and log in. You'll be able to access the products available to you, see and edit your subscription plan, billing information and more. You will also be able to assign and manage entitlements to users in real time.

Classic License Migration

What are the promotions available to help me transition from a Classic Perpetual SketchUp Pro license to a subscription?

Promotions are available for customers with eligible SketchUp Classic Perpetual licenses. You might be eligible to get up to 60% off if you switch to a one or two-year SketchUp Pro Subscription. To find out if you are eligible, log into your Trimble Account or contact your local reseller with the email address associated with your Classic Perpetual license. If you are eligible, you can immediately subscribe to a two-year subscription online. Otherwise, contact sales to learn about your options.

Which SketchUp Classic customers are eligible for this promotion?

Customers must meet all the following requirements to be eligible:

  1. Have purchased a classic perpetual single-user license of SketchUp Pro;
  2. Have not previously purchased a SketchUp Shop, Pro, or Studio subscription;
  3. Have a registered Classic Perpetual commercial license of SketchUp Pro 2016 or higher.

No other license types qualify for the promotion. Each Classic Perpetual license holder can only take advantage of the two-year migration offer once.

If you're active with SketchUp Pro 2016 or newer, then you are eligible for the migration offer. If your Classic Perpetual license has not been upgraded in 3+ years, you are not eligible for this promotion. Please contact sales to discuss your options.

How long can I take advantage of the promotion for?

The promotion is valid through December 4, 2021 with sliding rates. For active customers, a 60% discount is available through December 4, 2021. For customers with an expired M&S plan, a 60% discount is available until April 3, 2021; after this date, a 40% discount is available. If you have an active Maintenance and Support plan, you must convert before 30 days following your Maintenance and Support contract end-date in order to receive the maximum discount.

Does the promotional pricing apply to subscription renewals?

No, the promotional pricing is applicable only to the initial term of a new subscription and is not available for any subscription renewals.

What happens to my perpetual license if I take advantage of this promotion?

Your particular license may still be used, and may be installed on new devices if there are remaining activations. Find more details about license activation here. At this point, Classic Perpetual licenses can no longer be upgraded. When your Maintenance & Support plan expires , you can continue to use the most current version of your classic perpetual license.

What happens to the remainder of my Maintenance and Support plan?

Your Maintenance & Support plan will remain in place until its set expiration date. Upon expiration, you will lose access to SketchUp support, and you will no longer receive future product releases. If you upgraded through a sales rep or your local reseller in the past, or you choose to change your purchase channel today, your terms may be different. Please contact sales or your reseller for details specific to you.

If I upgrade my classic perpetual license by November 4th, 2020, can I access the 2021 SketchUp release?

Yes, you will receive access to all the features included in the 2021 SketchUp release for Classic Perpetual license holders when that update becomes available.

If my Maintenance and Support Plan ends after November 4th, 2020, will I have access to a SketchUp 2021 classic license, even if the SketchUp 2021 version is released after my M&S plan expires?

Yes*, if your M&S expires after November 4th, 2020 you'll still get a classic license for SketchUp 2021, whether SketchUp 2021 is released before or after your M&S expires. It's our gift to you! *(For some customers who migrated to a subscription directly through a Salesperson, this automatic upgrade may not apply).

Will I still be able to get customer support for my Classic Perpetual license?

You can access customer support while your Maintenance & Support plan is active. However, a SketchUp subscription is the only way to guarantee continued access to support once your Maintenance & Support plan expires.

Can I receive a refund after subscribing?

Customers are entitled to a refund for up to 14 days after purchasing. Once the refund has been processed, the products in the subscription will no longer be available for use.

I recently renewed my Maintenance & Support plan. Can I get a refund for this?

If you upgraded your Classic Perpetual license's Maintenance & Support less than 14 days ago, you are eligible for a full refund. Be aware that by refunding your Maintenance & Support plan, your Classic Perpetual license will be reverted to its previous version.

I don't want the two-year deal, I want to use the one-year promo I received via email earlier this year. What do I need to do to activate it?

No problem! Contact sales to get this offer. (Psst - the two-year deal is the best we've ever offered!)

What happens to my subscription at the end of my two-year agreement?

Your subscription will be set to auto-renew for an additional two years at the current, full-price SketchUp Pro cost. If you do not want your subscription to renew, you can log into your Trimble account to manage your renewal settings.

What if I want SketchUp Shop instead of Pro, is there a discount for that subscription?

No, the discount is offered on a SketchUp Pro subscription only. It is not valid on a SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Studio subscription.

Can I transfer the discount to another account?

This offer is valid for Classic Perpetual license holders only. It is not transferable. If you are having trouble applying this discount to your Trimble account, please contact sales.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions at the discounted rate?

No, this offer is valid for a single SketchUp Pro subscription only. If you have a Classic perpetual network or enterprise license that you want to convert to subscriptions, please contact sales.

Great! I'm excited. How do I access my discount?

You will have to log in to your Trimble account to verify your eligibility, and then the discount will be automatically applied at checkout!

I accidentally deleted my promo code from the email, how can I retrieve it?

You can access your promotion by going back to your email and clicking the "Subscribe" link. If you're still having trouble, please contact sales to retrieve your specific promotional code.

I manage multiple single-user licenses for my firm and they are all registered under my email. Can I use the subscription discount for each single-user license?

You won't be able to use this discount on our web store. Please contact sales to discuss your options.