Are there site or network licenses available for SketchUp Pro, including off-site licenses?

You can purchase either Single-user or Network licenses of SketchUp Pro for Windows or Mac. Network licenses have a 50 seat minimum for initial purchase.

  • PC: The network license requires a connection to your network and can't be checked out for off-site use. If you need to use SketchUp Pro on a computer that is not connected to the network, for example, a portable computer used for client presentations, you must use a Single-user license.
  • Mac: The network licenses are stored on the local computers.

You can also use the free SketchUp Viewer for off-site presentations that do not require you to do actual modeling. To download the viewer, visit the Downloads section of the SketchUp website at, and click the "SketchUp Viewer" link.

You can also download and install SketchUp. To download, please visit the Download section of

For more information about licenses, visit the Licensing and pricing Help Center article.